This website presents my personal explorations in traditional black and white film photography and silver gelatin darkroom printing.

I love the aesthetic of monochrome prints and enjoy the physical craft of a fully analog process — from creating images with vintage cameras to using a variety of film emulsions and chemistry to enlarging and printing negatives in a wet darkroom to matting and framing finished pieces of handmade photographic art.

For inquiries about my film photography or silver prints, please contact me here or find me on Instagram.

You can also view my past digital work documenting the San Francisco music scene at The BayTaper Project.

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Film Development Process

  1. Film: Ilford HP5+ / FP4+ | Kodak Tri-X
  2. Developer: Kodak D-76 (1+1) | Ilford ID-11 (1+1)
  3. Stop: Kodak Indicator Stop | Ilford Ilfostop (30 secs)
  4. Fix: Ilford Rapid Fixer 1+4 (4 mins)
  5. Initial Wash: Running Water (5 mins)
  6. Hypo Clearing Agent: Perma Wash (2 mins)
  7. Final Wash: Running Water (10 mins)
  8. Wetting Agent: Kodak Photo-Flo (1 min)
  9. Drying: Negative Drying Cabinet (20 mins)

Darkroom Printing Process

  1. Paper: Ilford Classic MG Fiber Glossy / Matt
  2. Enlarger: LPL/Saunders 4500 II
  3. Developer: Kodak Dektol 1+3 (2 mins) | Ilford Multigrade 1+9 (3 mins)
  4. Stop: Kodak Indicator Stop | Ilford Ilfostop (30 secs)
  5. Fix: Ilford Rapid Fixer 1+9 (4 mins)
  6. Initial Wash: Water Bath (5 mins)
  7. Hypo Clearing Agent: Perma Wash (5 mins)
  8. Final Wash: Running Water (15 mins)
  9. Drying: Air Dry on Screens | Drum Dryer
  10. Flattening: SEAL Heat Press | Cold Press
  11. Dry Mounting: BufferMount on Cotton Rag Mat Board

Note: All photographs on this website are scans of film negatives except those of darkroom prints, processes, and equipment.